The PhD in Economics at the University of Perugia is a 3-year full-time program designed for highly motivated and qualified students who wish to acquire first-rate research skills. It was launched in 2013 merging the PhD programs in Agricultural Economics, Mathematical and Statistical Methods for Economic and Social Sciences and Internationalisation of SMEs.

The program is structured into the three curricula of Economics and Institutions, Economics and Business and Quantitative Methods for Economics.

Our intensive teaching program allows first-year students to acquire a broad set of advanced theoretical and methodological skills, both general and specific to their curriculum.

In the second year, students choose their field of specialization within their curriculum, start working intensively on their research project, spend their visiting period abroad and attend regular seminars held by internationally renowned internal and external faculty. The third year is entirely dedicated to finalize their research products, which are expected to attain high international standards and publication potential.

Faculty members are highly performing in terms of international publications and are active members of the international academic and research community.

The PhD program is designed to prepare a career in universities, research centres, international organisations and firms.